Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!   Our day is going to be busy around here.  Kids have a half day at school which means their parties will be in the we will be lucky enough to spend the afternoon with our overly sugared up kiddos before sending them out to get even more sugar!  If you have an extra second, you may want to say a prayer for me ;)

The thing that I enjoy about Halloween is that it is a stress free holiday for us.  Just time for fun with our family.  No worrying about cooking or getting the house ready for guests.  I hope you get to enjoy a relaxed day with your families as well!

And one of our favorite traditions is heading up to the firehouse to trick or treat, so be sure to check out your local station!  And, you also might want to give a little word of thanks to the firefighters who are on duty that day and missing getting to take their own little ghosts and goblins out to trick or treat themselves :)  This is the first time in several years that my husband will actually be off on Halloween so we are excited to spend it together!

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