Sunday, August 23, 2015

50th Anniversary Party

Last weekend we had a fantastic time celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary!  I have been working on this since January and felt like I was planning an entirely new wedding!  Even with the hours and hours of work (and 4:00am text messages from my mother along with about 500 phone calls a week!), it was totally worth it in the end!  We had such a fun time!

I don't quite have permission from the approximately 100 people that attended to display their lovely faces here, so I will just share with you some of the decorations we had for our fun day :)

Our cake table, complete with a replica of the shoes my dad wore on his wedding day...his groomsmen had written "Help Me" on the bottom of his shoes so when he knelt down for the prayer everyone would see it!! 

Gold boxes filled with candies all in gold wrappers for favors at each spot.

Head table complete with flowers. 

 And of course, what's a party without a pouting three year old?!  Yep, that would be mine ;) 

We had such a wonderful time!  We were blessed to have so many people come to celebrate with us; including many who drove lots of hours for a quick up and down weekend trip!  Thanks for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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