Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Chaos-HELP!

Once upon a time, an organized mom gathered all of the children's books and placed them neatly in bins that were each labeled according to topic.  The children were allowed to look at the books and once they were finished they would place the book back in the 'return' basket for the mom to place back in its proper bin. It was a beautiful system.  It worked perfectly.

Until, one day (and a couple kids later), the mom turns around and finds...dun dun dun....THIS:

Books thrown into bins.  And not just not-neatly placed into the bins, but into the WRONG bins!  *gasp*

And the 'return' basket turned into this mess:

My The mom's labels were still in tact, plain as day for the kids to read and know where the books went, so I she, didn't understand why in the world the books had turned into this complete mess. 

So now I she is looking for a new system.  She would like to know what works for you?  How do you keep your books organized?  We The woman's family has some really nice, quality books that she would like to keep in good shape for all of the kids to be able to enjoy.  But she can no longer turn her head to this chaos.  A change must be made-and fast!  So please help me her out and share your secrets of book storage!  I look forward to hearing your ideas!  I mean, she does, because of course there is no way I would let this sort of mess be sitting in my house for this long ;)  HELP!

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  1. I've never seen a system so well worked out. My books have been organized by topic/shelf, but never in bins. (That method only lasts as long as the kids aren't reading them, which defeats the purpose) The bins are great, that way they can look through them. And the "return" basket idea is genius. Were they trying to help by putting them back where they thought they went because the basket was full?

    1. I think part of it was being helpful and the other was being lazy. The return basket got that way because they started getting so many out at a time and then had no idea where they went. I have not kept up with it well recently which is my fault but that's mainly because I know I need to tweak my system and so I've been putting it off. I also have some books that are too big for the bins so they were being stored in the return basket too. I've been considering magazine holders too. That would at least clean up the look of the shelves. Ideally I could have all these bins in a cabinet with doors that I could close :) My OCD self doesn't like the look of all different colors of books through the clear bins lol! A nice closed cabinet would be perfect!